Friday, March 11, 2011

Lifted Art:Decorated Gas Tanks

Decorated gasholder in Japan --
Nicotan (mascot of Shibata Gas) -- Shibata, Niigata prefecture

In Asia gas companies get creative when it comes to their tanks.Check out more below.For more pics go to

Decorated gastank in Japan --
Tokkikki (Niigata prefectural mascots) -- Niigata
Decorated gas holder in Japan --
Ōnyūdō -- Yokkaichi, Mie prefecture
Decorated gas tank in Japan --
Peach -- Akaiwa, Okayama prefecture
Decorated gastank in Japan --
Kōfu, Yamanashi prefecture
Gas tank art in Japan --
Watermelon -- Takizawa, Iwate prefecture

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