Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lifted Life: They Hollin' Batman Back!!! by @HollywoodKas

         May I start this off by saying that, I Hollywood Kas, believe and always have believed that Superman is a meandering twat mongral....yes hoe, I said it. Yes, I'm talking about your favorite phone boothe hopping harloton!!! First of all, this asshole wears a red speedo on the outside of his blue tights!!! And secondly, the woman he's supposedly fucking (Loise Lane) doesn't even recognize him w/ his glasses off....this tells me, that my dude Clark, has been lying on his dick for over 50 years!!! If that doesn't make you a simp, I sir, don't know what does. One of my favorite super heroes, Pimp C, would definately agree that Superman should "Take that monkey shit off", cuz he's most definately "embaricing us"!!!!

        But homosexual heroes aside, the master of this heroic g-shit is coming back in full force in not Static Shock.....I'm talking about Batman!!! Mr.Wayne is coming back one more time to show us how real niggaz get it in, in Gotham City, and this one looks iller than ever. This past weekend, while "hydrating my thirst", I saw a preview for it, during the Harry Potter film and I must say, I damn near jizzed on my date (okay, I did), when I saw the last sequence. Batman actually looked scared shitless during that last 3 seconds of the trailer!!! This leads me to believe that everyones favorite hero and millionaire playboy is going to get his ass handed to him..... Or the unthinkable....the death of Batman. Chris Nolan has more than proven to us, that he has no problem maiming or blowing up integral characters in the series....who's to say he won't do the same to Batman?! No matter what the fuck happens, I would bet my apartment that this shit is going to murder every expectation we have for super hero films....past and present. For those of you, who don't have social lives or accessable lines of's the preview, you SHOULD'VE SAW MONDAY!!!! -_- Click here for>>> "HD"

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