Thursday, July 21, 2011

NBA2k12: Jordan. Bird. Magic.

Being that the NBA lockout is hanging over our heads like a donkey with the carrot joint just dangling in front of him, just teasing us in the summer of struggle. Luckily we got our video games to save us from the felonious perils of fuckin' network television. And with perfect timing, the Gods up at the 2K Sports offices been listening to us soldiers on the anti-television frontlines and granted wishes from me and other people alike. Over this spring/summer NBA 2K has a contest where fans can vote for the cover athlete of their choice. Me personally, after bearing witness to MJ being on the cover, I don't think I can go back to looking at current NBA stars for a while. Especially knowing that LeBron was obviously gonna get it. SMH. But au contraire fellow OGs, MJ, Magic & Bird will all have separate covers respectively. More Covers After Jump......

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