Thursday, July 14, 2011

Q & A with NASAgangs' own HollywoodKas

Alot of people who read the blog, see me in public and ask me questions about some of the statements I've previously made regarding some of their favorite entertainers. I'm sure most of you silently began hating my measly ass honest. Well, honestly, after fielding a slew of remedial, misspelled, and altogether uninformed questions.....I figured it was my turn!!! So in order to keep shit "wavy", I figured, I'd ask some of you "stans" a few questions. Send your answers to @HollywoodKas.....
*Insert Devious Laughter Here*

1. What type of nigga listens to Tech N9ne on his own will? <<

2. While parusing the mean streets of Twitter, I ran into this what the fuck is it? I was told it was a poster from the "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" could be a lie tho. 

3. Why is Big Sean in his 20's w/ a 57 year old niggaz goatee? Tell me he doesn't look like the hand from those old Taco Bueno commercials.

4. Were you really surprised that the one guy who died planking was white?
Quit lying. -_-

5. Why do all homosexuals look like Chris Tucker in the "Fifth Element"?

6. Am I the only nigga who immediately gets narcolepsy when Drake begins singing? And how fucking big is Marvin's Room?!

7. Lil' B sold 2000 albums in his first week.....fuck a question, I just wanted an excuse to laugh.

8. Does anybody remember that one rapper.....I think his name was 50 Cent? -_-

9. Why do I feel like, Wacka Flocka, leaving rap to go work at Walmart, is his best career move yet?

10. Isn't Kendrick Lamar's "Section 80" the best shit since unprotected intercourse? Just kidding.....or am I?

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