Thursday, September 8, 2011

Killa MC- Laptop and Voicemails(Album)

Killa MC or BrainGangKilla drops his new materiel for the fans... I'm anxious to hear this song I-35 featuring Kashus Klay of the Mohicans ... S/O to BrainGang 

Famous Ft  Elhae

IDK 02:44

Referee 03:40

Boy Stop! ft. Dru B Shinin', Lou Charles04:07

Bop Your Head ft B.Dogg, KidWonder03:33

I'm Cool 02:59

Josephine Baker 03:48

I-35 ft Kashus Klay of the Mohicans03:48

Angry Voicemail(interlude) 00:38

Stressed Out 03:02

Our Song 03:51

Only 03:37

Angry Voicemail(interlude-2) 00:44

Insominac Confessions 04:30

I Hope You Die 02:50

Half Empty, Half Full 03:39

The Last Song 03:18

My Laptop 01:58

Free Your Mind Blackman! 04:42

Log Off 03:49

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