Monday, January 9, 2012

Common Keeps It On Wax

The feud between Common and Drake has been growing for what seems like weeks.  After Drake subliminally took shots at Common on Stay Schemin' stating, “Don’t be ducking like you never wanted nothin’/It’s feeling like rap changed, it was a time it was rugged/Back when if a n—a reached, it was for the weapon/Nowadays n—as reach just to sell their record.” Common had some words for him as well.

The Midwest legend kept it on wax and had a strong rebuttal to Drake's attempt at shots fired.
"My motto is, Chicago b*tch/ Everybody know you sweet, what the problem is/ Don't play dumb, I'm the one that acknowledged it/ Son of a b*tch, I imagine what your father is/She said how you make your opponet, the rapper of the moment/ His style he don't own it/ acting all hard when he hardly like that/ You gonna mess around and make me catch a body like that oooh/don't do it cause every song you make is really hoe music/i heard you said you wasn't a b*tch cause you sing/you a b*tch cause you cling like a b*tch that's 18/can't say my name but rap about a n*ggas wife/you so black and white tryna live a n*ggas life/I'm taking too long with this amateur guy, you aint wetting nobody n*gga you Canada dry/ soft N*gga, make no mistake I'm talking to Drake. It's the remix, Rick Ross, Common, and that Ho Ass N*gga "

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