Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sore Losers - Euthanasia video.

Dallas-based hip-hop six-piece Sore Losers are set to release their debut studio album, We Are Sore Losers, this month. Ahead of the album's release, in November 2011 gave you an exclusive first listen to the lead single, "Euthanasia." Today, has your exclusive first look at the video for the song.
Sore Losers' self-described experimental hip-hop sound draws on influences such as Gnarls Barkley, Lupe Fiasco, Foo Fighters, MGMT, Nas, and N.E.R.D. The collective is comprised of Vince "Encyclopedia" Brown (lyrics), K Cooks (guitar), Matt "Big Kuntry" Curtis (bass), Jordan Hughes and King Robinson Jr. (percussion), and Sir Tim (keyboards). In 2009 Sore Losers released a digital EP entitled Free Loaders - The Soundtrack featuring "Dope," "Birthday 8587" and "The Epic Outro." The group has performed throughout the country at events including the Sundance Film Festival, South by Southwest and the 2011 ESPY Awards post-party.
The video for "Euthanasia" was directed by Capital Agent Media co-owner/partner Walu Mwalilino, who has directed videos for artists including Joe Budden, Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul, and Wale, among others. "The main inspiration behind this video was finding a way to create a metaphor, using a viral affect to spread information and knowledge across the world," said Mwalilino. "And if you notice throughout the video, the message continues to get bigger and bigger as it spreads globally."
The group describes "Euthanasia" as "mankind's ultimate quest to understand reality while attempting to use science to manipulate and control his destiny on Earth. The constant struggle we experience as individuals; the quest for control over our lives while yielding to a higher power."
Tracks featured on We Are Sore Losers will focus on "functionalist and conflict theories" as well as topics that impact middle and lower class demographics in the United States. The album will mark the group's first studio recording and will feature original tracks entirely written, composed and arranged by Sore Losers. Sore Losers are currently on tour, with several dates scheduled through March.

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